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I Wonder
I wonder why the grass is green,
And why the wind is never seen?

Who taught the birds to build a nest,
And told the trees to take a rest?

O, when the moon is not quite round,
Where can the missing bit be found?

Who lights the stars, when they blow out,
And makes the lightning flash about?

Who paints the rainbow in the sky,
And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Why is it now, do you suppose,
That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows?

1. What does the use of the word ‘wonder’ in the poem show?
A. thinking
B. solving problems
C. making silly remarks
D. feeling of shock

2. The phrase ‘…how the wind looks like’ tells us that the writer is….
A. curious
B. confused
C. passionate
D. angry

3. What is ‘hanging’ according to the persona?
A. stars
B. clouds
C. rainbow
D. wind

4. In this poem, the persona is a……
A. man
B. child
C. woman
D. father

5. The persona is enthusiastic in …
A. exploring the nature
B. finding out if his dad knows anything
C. looking at the sky
D. finding out more about the moon

6. What is the best title for to replace “I wonder” if you have to?
A. I am Lost
B. Oh My God
C. Please Answer Me
D. Please Help Me

7. Which word means –‘to make something look bright’?
A. paints
B. hangs
C. lights
D. makes

8. The title of the poem implies that the persona has …
A. desire to know
B. very little patience
C. a lot anger
D. no desire to know

9. State one value that we can learn from the poem?
A. Nature should be appreciated
B. Nature should be left alone
C. We must not be so curious
D. We should not ask too many questions.

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1. The river is regarded as a wanderer because it...
    A   is very active
    B   cannot stay still
    C   cannot stay in one place
    D   always stay in one place

2. The river sounds like a happy baby when it....
    A   dances and sings
    B   gurgles and hums
    C   roars and shouts
    D   kicks and giggles

3. The river is destructive when it is...
    A   angry
    B   sad
    C   happy
    D   satisfied

4. In stanza 1, what habit of the river is mentioned?
    A   Nomadic
    B   Hoarding
    C   Choosy
    D   Trampling

5. When the river hoards, it means that it .....
    A   keeps everything it collects
    B   breaks up everything it sees
    C   throws away everything it touches
    D   washes clean everything it flows over

6. The sound of the river when it journeys down the valley is like a .....
    A   song
    B   cry
    C   shout
    D   scream

7. As the river goes through hills and valleys it does all of the following except
    A   winds
    B   twists
    C   glides
    D   turns

8. Which of the following is a correct observation of the river?
    A   The river water is always muddy.
    B   The river bed is mostly shallow.
    C   The river water is constantly flowing.
    D   The river bed is made up of light materials

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1. Why is Mr. Nobody compared to a mouse?
    A   He gnaws at his food.
    B   He squeaks when he talks.
    C   He moves around very quietly.
    D   He displaces things around the house.

2. Why do the plates break easily?
    A   They are old.
    B   They are flimsy.
    C   They have been cracked.
    D   They have been thrown.

3. The poem is mainly about...
    A   family life
    B   things of value
    C   family heirlooms
    D   a messy house

4. Because of Mr. Nobody, we must walk carefully as the floor may be full of ...
    A   oil
    B   plates
    C   pins
    D   wood

5. Why is it that no one has ever seen Mr. Nobody's face?
    A   He moves around quietly.
    B   He likes to hide himself.
    C   He moves around noisily.
    D   He moves around too quickly.

6. Mr. Nobody can be said to be the following except..
    A   amusing
    B   careless
    C   forgetful
    D   malicious

7. What is Mr. Nobody supposed to do to the door?
    A   To oil it
    B   To break it
    C   To wash it
    D   To paint it

8. Mr. Nobody seems to like playing...
    A   in muddy grounds
    B   on green grass
    C   in the sand
    D   with fire

9. The description of Mr. Nobody fits a ....
    A   baby
    B   young girl
    C   old man
    D   young man

10. The words 'ajar' means the door is ....
      A   wide open
      B   closed properly
      C   slightly open
      D   hanging on the its hinge

11. Why is the water unable to boil?
      A   The firewood is too dry.
      B   The firewood is missing.
      C   The firewood is damp.
      D   The firewood is insufficient.

12. Which of the following is often misplaced by Mr. Nobody?
      A   Plates
      B   Kettles
      C   Curtains
      D   Newspaper

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