1. The river is regarded as a wanderer because it...
    A   is very active
    B   cannot stay still
    C   cannot stay in one place
    D   always stay in one place

2. The river sounds like a happy baby when it....
    A   dances and sings
    B   gurgles and hums
    C   roars and shouts
    D   kicks and giggles

3. The river is destructive when it is...
    A   angry
    B   sad
    C   happy
    D   satisfied

4. In stanza 1, what habit of the river is mentioned?
    A   Nomadic
    B   Hoarding
    C   Choosy
    D   Trampling

5. When the river hoards, it means that it .....
    A   keeps everything it collects
    B   breaks up everything it sees
    C   throws away everything it touches
    D   washes clean everything it flows over

6. The sound of the river when it journeys down the valley is like a .....
    A   song
    B   cry
    C   shout
    D   scream

7. As the river goes through hills and valleys it does all of the following except
    A   winds
    B   twists
    C   glides
    D   turns

8. Which of the following is a correct observation of the river?
    A   The river water is always muddy.
    B   The river bed is mostly shallow.
    C   The river water is constantly flowing.
    D   The river bed is made up of light materials

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