1. Why is Mr. Nobody compared to a mouse?
    A   He gnaws at his food.
    B   He squeaks when he talks.
    C   He moves around very quietly.
    D   He displaces things around the house.

2. Why do the plates break easily?
    A   They are old.
    B   They are flimsy.
    C   They have been cracked.
    D   They have been thrown.

3. The poem is mainly about...
    A   family life
    B   things of value
    C   family heirlooms
    D   a messy house

4. Because of Mr. Nobody, we must walk carefully as the floor may be full of ...
    A   oil
    B   plates
    C   pins
    D   wood

5. Why is it that no one has ever seen Mr. Nobody's face?
    A   He moves around quietly.
    B   He likes to hide himself.
    C   He moves around noisily.
    D   He moves around too quickly.

6. Mr. Nobody can be said to be the following except..
    A   amusing
    B   careless
    C   forgetful
    D   malicious

7. What is Mr. Nobody supposed to do to the door?
    A   To oil it
    B   To break it
    C   To wash it
    D   To paint it

8. Mr. Nobody seems to like playing...
    A   in muddy grounds
    B   on green grass
    C   in the sand
    D   with fire

9. The description of Mr. Nobody fits a ....
    A   baby
    B   young girl
    C   old man
    D   young man

10. The words 'ajar' means the door is ....
      A   wide open
      B   closed properly
      C   slightly open
      D   hanging on the its hinge

11. Why is the water unable to boil?
      A   The firewood is too dry.
      B   The firewood is missing.
      C   The firewood is damp.
      D   The firewood is insufficient.

12. Which of the following is often misplaced by Mr. Nobody?
      A   Plates
      B   Kettles
      C   Curtains
      D   Newspaper

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